What is revCommunity?

This is the community of business owners who run creative firms in motion, production, experiential, or sound who value the perspectives and insights only their peers can offer.

Who can join?

The community is open to owners of established creative studios and production companies a.k.a. "revolutionaries" as well as select special friends of the industry. 

To maintain a high quality group and discourage lurkers, we require that all members introduce themselves or they may be subject to removal. 

If you come across a member who you feel is not appropriate, please let us know.

Which spaces are private?

To protect everyone's privacy, all spaces by default are protected (i.e. not searchable by search engines like Google) except Introductions and Show Your Stuff.

What are the rules?

Be nice, don't solicit, and follow the Golden Rule.

How can I access Jumpstart, Confab, ShowLauncher, etc?

Those are spaces reserved for paying members. For more information about each respective program, click on the space group then select "More Info."

How is my information used?

Your information is only used to communicate updates and information of interest to you. At any time you may update your notifications (click on the bell icon at the top right). If you subscribe to any RevThink mailing lists, click here to manage your subscriptions.

Who is behind revCommunity?

This community is curated primarily by Joel Pilger at RevThink. DM Joel here or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Who is RevThink?

RevThink is the consultancy whose mission is to help creative entrepreneurs thrive. We support this community to stay connected with our clients and colleagues, as well as help the industry at large. See revthink.com/about/