What is revCommunity?

This is the community of business owners – each who runs a creative firm in motion, production, experiential, or sound – who find incredible value in staying connected to their peers and RevThink. 

Who can join?

In order to provide a private, helpful, and safe space for members, only owners of established creative firms and trusted industry voices may participate. All others will be politely removed (thank you for your understanding!).

Which resources are free?

The Lobby and Free Resources spaces are free to all. Other spaces are reserved for RevThink clients with active engagements or subscriptions.

How is my information used?

Your information is only used to communicate updates and information of interest to you. At any time you may update your notifications (click on the bell icon at the top right). If you subscribe to any RevThink mailing lists, click here to manage your subscriptions.

Who is RevThink?

RevThink is the consultancy whose mission is to help creative entrepreneurs thrive. We curate this community to stay connected with our clients and colleagues, as well as help the industry at large. See revthink.com/about/