What has your studio been up to? Brag about it here.
and just got on promax hot spots! love it.


Embedding that video hereΒ Ed Rhine. Super cool spot! Hugs to you and the entire gang at Spillt, keep on representing D-town
Ed Rhine replied
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hi everyone, we actually worked on this through the beginning of quarantine, but it finally released, and wanted to share some cel animation galore we helped craft. Animation deliberately was a solution we sold knowing there would be upcoming limitations to live-action production we saw coming, which came even faster than expected among other creative decisions.

So sick and love the Cheerios recent spots too!
Crazytown – I can't even start to calculate the manhours and pencil mileage it took to bring NINJA to life in cel animation. Really dig it and how crazy is it that pro gamers are getting real deal sponsorships at this level now!
Incredible. Absolutely love the style. Ditto toΒ Ryan Summers' comment– can't even imagine the time that went into this. Bravo!
Hi everyone just wanted to share a project we have been honored to be a part of, "Driving While Black" which premieres tonight Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. on PBS.

"It's a documentary that posits major events, like the Civil War or the civil rights movement, are connected to the ability, or lack thereof, of Black Americans to travel. NPR TV critic Eric Deggans says that after watching it, you might never look at your car the same way again." - NPRΒ 

Key art, design, and animation by rezonate inspired by African American artists Melina Matsoukas, Jacob Lawrence, Faith Ringgold and W. E. B Du Bois.

If you guys watch Lovecraft Country or Watchmen I highly recommend watching this documentary.


Thank you so much,Β Joel PilgerΒ for the amazing guidance.Β  We hope to roll out the new site and the updated "about" section soon!Β  And of course new works.Β  We are very excited to share and are very proud of the team that helped create the works and the company culture they help create and in rezonate.
Awesome guys and god damn the artwork looks great!
LEVEL UP! with Ryan Summers

Inspired by RevThink's constant contributions to the creative community and informed by an amazing REVOLVE session, I finally launched my first course with School of Motion.Β 

We cover all sorts of topics in the course that stop artists from making their next move in motion design:
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Demo ReelsΒ 
  • The Fear of the Blank PageΒ 
We also talked with the imitable Joel Pilger in our first podcast as I asked the industry the oh-so-simple question, "where are we headed"? The answers might surprise you.

The great thing about this course is that I convinced the team to make it both free and instantly available.

If you're wondering about where to go in the industry or have an artist or two that are wondering what to focus on next, I think it's a great class to check out.Β 

I mean, of course I would – I made it ;)

I'd love to see what you think of it and get your feedback!
Ryan SummersΒ oh how I love chatting it up with you. Somehow you always manage to push my brain into new territories... and I thank you. Excited to hear how LEVEL UP goes.
Anecdotally, it's been received really well. I had a hunch there was an under-served swath of motion designers that got in through tech and tools that is now starting to hit the upper limits of their careers ans stalling out, simply due to their missing out on a Design education.

We gave a name to it in the class and the amount of people privately messaging me saying thanks has been a little overwhelming. I can't wait to get the next course in their hands :)