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Hi everyone just wanted to share a project we have been honored to be a part of, "Driving While Black" which premieres tonight Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. on PBS.

"It's a documentary that posits major events, like the Civil War or the civil rights movement, are connected to the ability, or lack thereof, of Black Americans to travel. NPR TV critic Eric Deggans says that after watching it, you might never look at your car the same way again." - NPRย 

Key art, design, and animation by rezonate inspired by African American artists Melina Matsoukas, Jacob Lawrence, Faith Ringgold and W. E. B Du Bois.

If you guys watch Lovecraft Country or Watchmen I highly recommend watching this documentary.

Happy Monday Everyone! Just wanted to pick your brain. On Confab and Revolve we learned the importance of community building in bridging the gap between interest and intent. At rezonate we were building 2 communities, one for the creative entrepreneur called The Creative Brief and we are using Zoom and Slack as our platform, and The Art of Working focusing on students, freelancers, and staff.ย  As we build these communities and share expertise. We really like how Revthik's (Joel Pilger) exercises in Revolve helped us understand a concept. We get it, self-realization is always stronger than just saying "this is the right thing to do" or "this is what you should do". Any recommendation on what to read to help create these types of exercises that can help these communities go through a journey exercise to help with self-discovery.ย  Does anyone have the same issues that they would like to share?ย  I know that in building these communities the biggest challenge is community participation and conversation.ย  ย Thanks in advance everyone.ย 
Heyย Nico Puertollano my biggest insight:ย be on the lookout for the patterns. In other words, what are the questions people keep asking over and over again? Where do people get stuck/hung up?

Often you will find yourself answering these questions over and over and over again... and when you do, take note! The answer you are providing is probably an insight that could be turned into an exercise, method, etc.

(TBH this is what led me to create Jumpstart!)
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Hello everyone, it's great to see you all here in the new rev community.ย  At rezonate we have been busy as well, trying to understand how to build online communities.ย  One of the communities we've built is called The Art of Working.
The basic idea is to talk to studio owners, producers, artists and students to have a space to discuss the ecosystem of our VFX, animation, motion design industry, and share thoughts, ideas, experiences, and best practices that can help the two sides of the ecosystem to collaborate better, build trust and community. ย 

A few topics that we will be discussing is Freelance vs Staff and the holding system.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on what makes you decide, that you need a person on staff vs freelance?ย  I remember when I had my first staff position and the partners told me that I was in because I really worked well with the team and they saw that I was willing to grow with them.ย 

Another thought we wanted to discuss was the pros and cons of the holding system.ย  Is it the best system that fosters collaboration?

Just some topics we are thinking about and it would be great to get some thoughts from the amazing people in this group.