Shawna Schultz

CEO, Mass FX Media
I'm the co-founder and CEO of Mass FX Media in Denver.

Q: Into the Storm

Buckle up, my friends. We've been slaving away on over 655 graphics and visual effects shots during the last 5 months for Q: Into the Storm, and episodes 103 and 104 release this Sunday on HBO Max for the 6-part series.

Figuring out how to scale up to 21 people and tackling a project this big was the biggest challenge we've ever faced, but we did it!
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Set your story in motion: the new website

 Rich Macar ,  Dallas Taylor ,  Dustin Schultz ,  Diana Dixon ,  Eric Newland  and of course  Joel Pilger .  I've got to tag you folks in our new website post! Thank you for all the feedback on our old website and brand. We proud to say we've launched our new website.

The last piece will be the brand anthem video, but we'll have to create that later this year once we find a light period. Hopefully, it'll continue to be hard to find time for it. 😁
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