Dallas Taylor

Sound Designer at Defacto Sound
I'm the Creative Director of Defacto Sound, a sound design studio for the world's most thoughtful brands. I also host the podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz.
Hi. I'm Dallas and I lead Defacto Sound. We focus on sound design/mix for trailers, ads, docs, and promos (primarily).

At the moment we're busy with Netflix (those trailers that autoplay when you scroll over them... you're welcome), HBO (show launch trailers and "previously on" recaps), Cartoon Network, Discovery, etc... We also work a bunch on super-over-the-top-sound-designy-ads.

I also host & EP Twenty Thousand Hertz, the world's leading podcast about sound with ~500k+ monthly listens. Everyone should listen to this episode IMO... it's the untold story behind the iconic Netflix "ta-dum" sound. It took us a full year to get access to the people behind that sound.

We also make stupid videos on youtube.

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Dallas! You rock, mister. Welcome aboard 🚢
Hey Dallas! Music and sound design makes it happen.  Would love to chat about future projects as we are always looking for partners.

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