Lou Schwing

President, Sound Advice: Multiplatform Audio Messaging
Hey all!  Love to have your feedback on our new website.  It was born during the Revolve series and is now ready.  Our testing has been very positive, and I'd love to hear any thoughts you might have.


Very nice, Lou. I think this is a massive upgrade in your studio's online presence. 

Overall I give you high marks for a clean, clear design and big, bold statements. On the critical side, I would strive to eliminate about half the instances of the word "we" to ensure you are never implying a "pick me!" posture.

My favorite takeaway? This home page messaging is a particularly good example of a curiosity-inspiring information hierarchy:


Right between your ears
Audio messaging, short and long-form, for streaming platforms, podcasts, satellite, and terrestrial radio.

I love how that language draws me in from something big/bold/surprising then helps me understand what the heck that means.

If you want a more thorough "roast" of your website, I'm happy to (lovingly) rake you over the coals in Confab! 


Lou Schwing replied
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Awesome, Lou! My only comment is that the green head on the left side immediately made me think of Frankenstein with the orange and black. Everything else is feeling amazing! It's come so far. You've put a lot of work into it.
Love your WORK page, made me click click click on all of my favourite shows :) 
I'm Lou Schwing, President of Sound Advice. 
We're the Multi-Platform Audio Messaging company.  (Fancy name for radio commercials)

We mostly do audio promos for television networks.  We do all of ABC Primetime, FOX, CNN, Disney + and more.  We have uninhabited studios in Hollywood and now satellite facilities all over L.A. and key people in Atlanta, GA and Bend, OR.

We've been making great radio for 35 years, and have weathered many a storm.  This too shall pass.  Keep on growing!