Dustin Schultz

Making Video Easier for Brands Big and Small, EP at Union
Executive Producer at every brand's secret weapon; Union.
Hey all! Over the past few weeks, we've been dipping our toes into new services beyond our traditional live-action and animation content production. With the help of a one-person "agency" who sublets from us, we've white-labeled her services and added Media Buying (Traditional and Digital), Strategy, Social Media Management, and PR.

We've been selling it as the 'ecosystem that surrounds, supports, and shares their video content'. Saying, 'we don't just build the car anymore, we draw the maps, pave the roads, send the car down those highways, and then study the traffic'.

I know we're all evolving and changing. I'd love to hear some more stories of how these transformations are going well (or wrong turns too!) within your studios!
Hey Dustin, love this nudge. A major change to our model involved listening to the most repeated feedback from our clients and partners: they love "the team." Above the line and below the line, we get consistent positive feedback on our staffing and team building, so this year we started representing artists to expand our offerings and create new verticals like original content, collabs, and merchandise. Our mission is to create environments where creative pros can become artists by prioritizing mental health, creative fulfillment, and financial profitability. Representing them, collaborating with them, and packaging opportunities for them are some of the ways we can do that. 
I'm Executive Producer at Union, we're every brand's secret weapon to strategic video content. Our studio produces both live-action and animation. We believe effective content connects with clarity. 

Just over here on the East Coast trying to live up to Joel and Tim's expectations of a solid studio. 
Heya Dustin! Welcome 🙌