Lidia Scarlat

Salut! I'm a multilingual Creative Producer with a primary focus on the International Marketplace. My mission is to capture a value based position for talent and creative need worldwide.
Hello community! 
Who's also watching the online version of DDD these days?

I was pretty skeptical about the whole online conference concept at first, as I thought it would be missing the key ingredient: networking. 
Surprisingly, though, they've incorporated an app which connects all online attendees who wanna network. You click on the people who interest you, they get notified and, if interested, click on you too. Once the connection is established, you can WhatsApp directly. How cool is that!
this is awesome to hear. I love design conferences over the past couple years but was skeptical for the same reason. But this opens it up immensely. nice one.
I signed up to SIGGRAPH this year for their online conference. It was really well put together. Lots of great scheduling and in demand viewing plus similar option to connect with others. What made connection easy was being able to see a list of everyone.